Reviews - 2011

Just Right for Girl Scouts - My Girls Liked This Tour

July 29, 2011

I'm not a big fan of ghost tours or occult-type assertions (not a believer), but I did my research and knew that Savannah is "the place" to go to have fun with a ghost tour. I was concerned about appropriateness for a group of six Cadette Girl Scouts (ages 11-12), some of whom had expressed concern about whether a ghost tour would be too scary.

I picked Ghost Talk Ghost Walk because I had read that they were good about trying to stick to more reputable tales--without embellishment, and that they were good with Girl Scouts. Both assertions were true. I am one of those people who do some research before I go somewhere, so I had already read some of the stories that our guide told. I can attest that she was on the mark. Also, although she did some "boo!" type of small scares for the girls, she was in no way trying to terrify them.

In fact, when the girls gave an appraisal of the trip after the fact, one girl in particular said that this tour had been her favorite, and the other girls said they enjoyed it too.

I was satisfied that this tour did just what it promised, and the price was definitely right!

I can recommend this tour, especially to other Girl Scout leaders.

Silver Spring, Maryland


Great Tour

July 2, 2011

I am a huge fan of ghost tours, and have been on many.

I thoroughly enjoyed this tour, it is REALLY well done, and my guide Jan was AWESOME. Very friendly woman, and so knowledgeable. Her presentation of the stories and the tour in general was just great.

Tours of ghosts/hauntings/paranormal activity are VERY difficult to do well, and this one was great. I hope you get Jan, she really knows her stuff.

My only complaint is that I could tell Jan had way more stories & locations to offer, but the tour was only 90 minutes. I wanted it to keep going!! I would do a 2nd tour with her that covered different places....

Also, this tour is cheaper than other tours, which is nice.

New York, NY

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