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Sighting at Bernie's

Sighting at Bernie's

July 29, 2010

Hi y'all,

We took the west walk with Jeff the second week of June this year. The day after we walked with Jeff and just before leaving town to drive to our new home in Tampa, we had lunch at Bernie's on River Street since we could watch the World Cup soccer game there.

I took this photo of my girls as our last fling in Savannah so imagine my surprise when I looked at the photo on the camera and saw the white mist in the form of a man sitting on the bar stool behind them. NO ONE was there when I took the photo--there was a bartender working behind the bar, but he is on the far right rear edge in the photo. It appears as though you can see some solid bones in the mist, thus giving shape to the form there. I "think" it looks like he is wearing a pirate hat, but it could be another shape of hat. The staff working that day and Bernie's wife all saw the photo on the camera as soon as it was taken.

Jeanne Glogowski


Girl Scout Tour Guide was Knowledgeable and Engaging

May 18, 2010

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for a recent tour we took. Girl Scout Troop 560 had an amazing time on our ghost walk. Our tour guide, Christa was especially wonderful. She was very well informed and did a great job engaging our girls. The fact that she is a girl scout and is so knowledgeable of the Low family was a bonus! Thanks so much for providing a quality informative and fun tour! I would recommend your service to other troops visiting Savannah. The girls enjoyed the tour greatly.


Jill Hanson


Our Girl Scout Troop had an Excellent Time!

March 16, 2010

Our Girl Scout troop took your tour last Saturday night and just wanted to thank you. We were given a private tour for our troop. The tour was outstanding. Angela did a superb job. The girls (and the adults) really enjoyed it.

We appreciate the awesome treatment given to our troop. The ghost tour was the highlight of our visit to Savannah!

Jennifer Harvey
Gwinnett County, GA

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